MTR Corporation finally reveals opening date for new MTR South Island Line extension

According to senior MTR Corporation officials, the eagerly awaited MTR extension – linking the southern part of Hong Kong Island to Admiralty – will begin operating on the 28th December.

The opening up of the South Island Line means the MTR service will now extend across all 18 Hong Kong districts and serve 170,000 passengers daily.

Contract Dispute Consultants have been involved in several South Island Line projects as part of the HK$16.5 billion development programme, assisting contractors in the preparation of claims and negotiations.

The state of the art service will run using driverless trains from Ap Lei Chau (South Horizons) to Admiralty via new stations at Ocean Park, Wong Chuk Hang and Lei Tung.

“It’s always exciting to see major projects like these finally come to fruition,” says David Feehan, Director at Contract Dispute Consultants. “We worked with several contractors during construction of the South Island Line and are pleased to have played a role in yet another major infrastructure benefiting Hong Kong.”

Contract Dispute Consultants have worked on several projects across the South and West Island Lines

The South Island Line East will eventually link into the West Island Line extension via the future South Island Line West. Contact Dispute Consultants were also heavily involved assisting contractors throughout the construction of the West Island Line from 2012 to 2016.

Members of the public eager to see the Admiralty extension or the four news stations ahead of the launch date can attend an open day of the 24th December.