Celebrating CDC 15th Anniversary

28th February 2023

February 24th saw Contract Dispute hold their belated 15th anniversary cocktail party at Soho House with a fantastic turnout of clients, colleagues and friends. CDC Director David Feehan described the impromptu formation of the company whilst working on the Stonecutters Bridge project and the early challenges of learning to run a business. He charted the transition of the company from working on one project to the expansion of its client base and project portfolio to today’s overseas work. The challenges of the last five years negotiating Hong Kong’s civil unrest and strict COVID pandemic restrictions were akin to “a difficult third album”. However, CDC were now well placed to benefit from the upcoming massive pipeline of work as Hong Kong approached a Golden age of Infrastructure.

David quoting the late Pele, “No individual can win a game by himself” highlighted the huge contributions of long term CDC team members Judy Gin, Simon Wilde and Nga Yan Yu as well as Chris Caswell, Sunny Pang and Gary Ho. Finally, major clients were thanked for entrusting their most challenging problems to the CDC team.”

We look forward perhaps to our 30th anniversary party!