Claim Identification, Preparation and Defence of Claims


We work directly with our client’s construction team to promptly identify and notify issues, monitor and record the effects, and prepare the contractual correspondence necessary to maintain and pursue entitlement. Claim identification can include research and review of project documents, attending progress and technical meetings, and the use of site based personnel to liaise directly with the production staff at the workface. Analysis of the effects of issues can involve discussions and meetings with construction staff, suppliers and subcontractors and review and analysis of site progress.

Our staff prepare regular commercial correspondence, research and prepare claim updates, advise on programme impacts, assess the monetary impact and assist with the presentation and negotiation of issues with the client.

Our staff also have experience in the defence of claims including delay analysis, quantum and can advise on the presentation of arguments in a logical and concise manner. This includes review of contractor or subcontractor claim submissions, identification of defence strategies and assistance with negotiation or dispute proceedings.

Our Services

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Claims and Dispute Management

Construction projects, due to their complex nature, can generate a multitude of issues which must all be tracked and managed.
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Claim Identification, Preparation and Defence of Claims

Our staff have experience in the preparation and defence of claims including technical issues, delay analysis and quantum.
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Contractual Advice and Analysis

We regularly advise our clients on contractual strategy and interpretation of contractual provisions.
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Independent and Expert Reports

We can prepare independent reports on a variety of contractual and technical matters.
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Negotiation and Dispute Proceedings

We can advise on the most appropriate method of dispute resolution.
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Programming and Forensic Delay Analysis

Contract Dispute Consultants can undertake forensic delay analysis and program impact analysis to identify delay entitlements.