Hong Kong Disneyland – Grizzly Gulch

  • Client: KHSS International
  • Value: HK$12 million / US$1 million

About this Project

The Grizzly Gulch attraction is a 1100m steel rail roller coaster with a mining theme, the centre piece of the Hong Kong Disneyland Frontier Land. CDC advised the subcontractor for the faux rock works with regard to a dispute arising out of the construction.  The subcontract was delayed by resequencing of work and technical discrepancies. CDC undertook claim preparation, provided contractual and dispute advice and assisted the contractor and legal teams with preparation for arbitration proceedings.  CDC also provided delay analysis for the project.  The dispute was settled prior to commencement of pleadings.

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CDC provided EOT claims preparation, contract advice and negotiation support to the contractor throughout the project construction. CDC also presented issues to the Client and architect to negotiate the EoT assessments during the course of the project.

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