Our objective is to ensure our clients maximise their contractual entitlements whilst achieving a prompt and cost effective resolution to their disputes. We work with our clients from project commencement through to completion, and from negotiation through, if necessary, to dispute proceedings.

Our Services

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Claims and Dispute Management

Construction projects, due to their complex nature, can generate a multitude of issues which must all be tracked and managed.
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Claim Identification, Preparation and Defence of Claims

Our staff have experience in the preparation and defence of claims including technical issues, delay analysis and quantum.
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Contractual Advice and Analysis

We regularly advise our clients on contractual strategy and interpretation of contractual provisions.
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Independent and Expert Reports

We can prepare independent reports on a variety of contractual and technical matters.
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Negotiation and Dispute Proceedings

We can advise on the most appropriate method of dispute resolution.
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Programming and Forensic Delay Analysis

Contract Dispute Consultants can undertake forensic delay analysis and program impact analysis to identify delay entitlements.

Why use Contract Dispute Consultants?

Our team members have extensive engineering, commercial and dispute resolution experience on large civil engineering and infrastructure projects. This expertise and experience allows us to quickly understand the causes and the effects of events upon the construction process. Our reputation in resolving significant disputes on complex projects is unrivalled.

“CDC’s strength lies in their ability to understand the technical, programming and commercial issues at hand… CDC’s input underpinned the JV’s overall contractual strategy for negotiating solutions with the Client and avoiding major disputes.”
Brian Shepstone

Leighton China State JV Project Director, MTR Exhibition Station, Hong Kong

“The extensive engineering experience of the Contract Dispute team is a real asset. I would recommend David Feehan and his team for civil engineering claims.”
Nick Longley

Partner, Holman Fenwick Willan

Our Team

Our people are our greatest asset and we take great care and pride in the expertise and experience of our staff. We ensure the correct staff are selected to quickly resolve our client’s problems.

David Feehan
Judy Gin - Senior consultant
Jim Brydon - Managing Consultant

Our Clients